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The Walk foundation mission began in 1996 ,while FOUNDER and DIRECTOR Dr.Ramana Yashaswi ,M.S (ORTHO) served as an orthopedics surgeon at BIRRD TTD TIRUPATI. During his duty in BIRRD hospital he spent much of his spare time with so many limbless and polio victims analyzing their problems wih artificial limbs and personal lives.

Presently he is working as an orthopedics surgeon in Government General Hospital ,Guntur and as an Assistant Professor of Orthopedics in Guntur Medical College ,Guntur since 1998. All these years he has been working hard for the welfare of physically challenged by conducting free polio screening and surgical camps ,artificial limbs and polio calipers free distribution camps.

As a trauma team member in Government Hospital ,Guntur ,Dr Ramana Yashaswi closely observed the plight of fresh traumatic amputees and their psychological, physical social and family problems .The problems starts while the amputee is in the hospital itself.He can not attend to his activities of daily living and he has to depend on others. He will not have savings money to look after his family or himself once he goes home. While his wife and children earn for him he goes in to psychological depression. Some times family members leave him as he is no longer a bread winner for them. Some of these will become beggars due to lack of food ,family support ,and an artificial limb . The close observation of all these problems of amputees by Dr Ramana yashaswi Lead to a great beginning in the history of Guntur District.

He began a new organization in the name of WALK FOUNDATION , along with like minded people ,to bring all the previous activities for physically challenged under a single concrete platform.

The Begining

DR .S.S.V .RAMANA (YASHASWI ) a renowned ORTHOPEDICS AND TRAUMA SURGEON in this region is striving hard for the welfare of the physically challenged Of GUNTUR district and other adjacent districts. He is a working as trauma surgeon and assistant professor of orthopedics in GUNTUR MEDICAL COLLEGE .As a trauma surgeon day in and day out in Government General Hospital GUNTUR he deals with accident cases in which so many major accident victims loose their limbs. This is the motivating force behind this project as at least TEN accident victims loose their limbs on an average IN EVERY MONTH. Apart from the accidents, diabetes, tumors ,vascular problems also claim so many limbs. All these limbless physically challenged will be in a depressed status once they loose their limbs. So they loose not only the limb but also the social status in the society and livelihood. Unless they are given a helping hand at this point they can not be rehabilitated inttto. So WAYSSS WALK FOUNDATION starts helping at this point by registering them once the limb Is removed in the General Hospital ,and various private hospitals .The target group is also selected by conducting free disability check-up camps in rural and urban areas with the help of local authorities and district disability welfare department. In GUNTUR dist polio victims, cerebral palsy, and accident victims are more in number. So our TARGET GROUP IS ALL THESE TYPES OF PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED. So being an orthopedics surgeon DR RAMANA moved by observing the plight of these physically challenged started WALK FOUNDATION a FREE ARTIFICIAL LIMBS AND CALIPERS DISTRIBUTION CENTER,THE ONLY OF ITS KIND in GUNTUR DIST and in this region. DR RAMANA is also conducting FREE SURGICAL AND SCREENING POLIO N CEREBRAL PALSY CAMPS . He met MOTHER THERESSA AT CALCUTTA IN 1997 who appreciated his service to polio and limbless victims.

Our Goal


About Us

OUR organization is a non-profit making ,non-political ,non religious action group. In 1996 some students ,youth and women of GANAPAVARAM VILLAGE WERE MOBILISED BY A DOCTOR COUPLE AND MOTIVATED THEM to under take Development activities for poverty alleviation and livelihood development of the poor, Vulnerable section of scheduled castes ,scheduled tribes ,and other backward castes people of below poverty line families ,physically challenged ,women empowerment ,child labour eradication and peace movements .Thus the organization is formed by Incorporating all sections of people at grassroots level. Our mission is to create awareness among rural people about health, education, and basic rights to assist them to recognize and improve their potentiality through skill development ,knowledge sharing and sensitization of all stake holders and guide them to sustain economically and socially.


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